Richard Papp

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I have been using since Version 5. Having worked with other open-source content management systems like Magento, TYPO3 and Wordpress, I'm always thrilled how things are done in Drupal. And with its awesome community.

I started as a front-end developer with attention to accessibility, usability and performance. Since the rise of web standards and increased support in web browsers I have focused on back-end programming.

With an economic and medical background I'm used to think outside of the box and to connect ideas. I stand for robust solutions that are easy to use and work in every environment.

Projects I've been involved with

Mia San Konstanz e.V.

Website of the fan club of FC Bayern Munich in Constance (Germany).

In its first year the fan club of FC Bayern Munich in Constance gathered as an informal group of around 70 devotees. Upon registering as an association they approached me for a redesign of their website. At the same time the former members had to reapply for membership for legal reasons.

CKEditor Abbreviation

module for adding and editing abbreviations in Wysiwyg CKEditor.

User Hash

The User hash module allows you to create an individual hash for each user. Use it as a light-weight user identification where you do not want to use the login credentials. E.g. as an individual API Key for reading insensitive content.

Visotto Easy Menu

application for restaurant menu administration.