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Library over several levels with stair cases

When the marketing department suddenly requires synchronizing some product data from an MS-SQL database into their Drupal 9 site to display that data in a view - and keep that up-to-date on an hour

Switch board with cables

Never thought of Drush's embedded web-server as being useful - until it helped us in a complex enterprise environment. Short story about what's happened.


While Drupal's page cache is really great, personalization of content may be tricky - this article brings a recipe on how to get it done.

BMPN.iO screenshot with ECA log

A huge milestone for the ECA team has finally being reached: it is available for everyone to give it a try.

Desktop screen with utilities around it

Development in ECA has been intense over the last 4 months, since we first presented this new module to the Drupal community.

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bitegra Solutions becomes LakeDrops!


From old to new, practically no stone was left unturned and we started completely from scratch.

splash awards

bitegra Solutions are proud winners of a number of Splash Awards Switzerland in 2020.