Mia San Konstanz e.V.

Website of the fan club of FC Bayern Munich in Constance (Germany).

In its first year the fan club of FC Bayern Munich in Constance gathered as an informal group of around 70 devotees. Upon registering as an association they approached me for a redesign of their website. At the same time the former members had to reapply for membership for legal reasons.


The main purpose of the website was to gain fan club members in the area of Constance (Germany) and the nearby city of Kreuzlingen on the other side of the border in Switzerland.

In discussions with the association board we agreed to emphasize on the benefits of membership. As an official fan club of Germany‘s most popular soccer team, members are granted easier access to the scarce match tickets and discounts on fan merchandise. As tickets are usually allocated in bundles to a fan club, its members use to travel together in groups to a venue.

LakeDropper involved

The redesigned website includes an online shop for tickets and fan club merchandise. The fan club sells its own goods (t-shirts, sweaters, scarves) to further increase publicity and to earn profit.

The quantity of tickets, that a member may purchase for a soccer game, had to be limited. I developed a with rules integration to allow for easy editing of the limit by board members. A soccer game may have different ticket categories which are implemented as product variations. Therefore it was not possible to simply limit the quantity by product but required a custom solution.

I integrated a forum for carpooling, which was later substituted for bus tickets sold through the online shop.

There is a list of upcoming events and board members can write about past events on the front page. They can also upload images to a gallery.

The association board initially rejected an online membership application form for legal concerns. Hence users had to print a form on the website and submit it by ordinary mail.


Although the website received a lot of visits within the first months after the launch, the fan club recovered only 20 members. It was not until the association board agreed on the online application form that the membership figure skyrocketed. Within few months the fan club counted more than 100 members.

Technical details

  • Online shop with Commerce using Paypal payment gateway
  • Custom module for limiting product quantity per product display
  • Custom online form for membership application and automatic website user creation on form submission
  • Image slider with jQuery Cycle2 and custom templates for text integration