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Max Bachhuber (not verified)

Hi there,

our company was in a similar situation as yours. Clients often wanted the same features regarding notifications. So we created our module, which is now used on 3 websites for about a year and runs without bigger problems.
About two weeks ago we published an alpha release to

The architecture of our module is pretty similar to yours. We have multiple pluggable notification providers and multiple notification dispatchers.

Maybe we can join forces and work together on an outstanding pluggable notification solution.

We have some features that would be cool to see in your modules, too:
- Bundling of notifications (users can choose between instant delivery, daily summary, weekly summary, ...)
- Support of receiving notifications via WebPush
- Gathering notifications from external systems
- Grouping of different types of notifications in multiple Notification centers (for example Drupal notifications, SAP notifications, ...)
- One notification entity for multiple users (Our clients have over 6000 users, which would blow up the database)

This were just some ideas and examples. You can reach out to me if you need further information :-)

Our module is notification_system (

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