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bitegra is there for your company with your processes, products and services. In doing so, bitegra networks your processes, partners, employees and customers in such a way that you can leverage and optimize the efficiencies of your company. In alignment with the business strategy, the technological developments and your requirements, bitegra defines a precisely fitting digital strategy with you. A digital strategy that transforms your company and opens up opportunities for new processes, services and products.


rebico accompanies you from a digital point of view throughout the entire planning and construction process up to the operation of a sustainable building. In doing so, rebico provides services through consulting, planning and in the implementation: ensuring the correct delimitation and decoupling of the building-specific components with their different lifecycles, setting up and ensuring building standards for sufficient implementation in the planning and construction process, specialist planning for the digitally relevant technical components to ensure the required intelligence on the building and bringing in the latest findings from the field of building informatics and ensuring the application "with a sense of proportion".


signageOS is a software company whose focus is on digital signage expertise, professional services, enterprise solutions, and proficient support. The goal of the signageOS solution is to revolutionize the digital signage industry by solving the deep-rooted issue of hardware/software compatibility. Comprised of digital signage technology experts, signageOS was created by developers for developers.