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Visotto Easy Menu

Drupal application for restaurant menu administration.


Restaurants typically use menu cards in different places. E.g. on their website, at their tables, in a showcase at the entrance and for banquets. Restaurant staff spends plenty of time on updating their menu cards and keeping them synchronized. Establishments with foreign clients often provide translations of dishes and beverages within the same card.

Visotto GmbH, a swiss public relation agency in the catering and hotel industry, needed a tool to simplify and automate the administration of menu cards. The user interface had to be simple and provide the necessary features.

LakeDropper involved

All features for menu card creation are unified within one interface, i.e. adding and translating existing and new dishes and beverages, duplicate menu cards, create PDF from available layouts and synchronize menu cards on the restaurant website.

Users can choose between a basic plan for menu cards in a single language or a multilingual plan for translating menu cards. Staff can upload a logo and customize header and footer of PDF layouts.


Restaurant staff saves up to 50% of time on menu card administration. Visotto GmbH has gained numerous restaurants as clients for their tool.

Technical details

  • Easy menu administration with beverages and dishes
  • Menu card translation
  • PDF for printing menu cards with one or multiple language(s)
  • Multiple PDF layouts through CSS
  • Display menu cards as accordion on restaurant website
  • Wordpress plugin for synchronizing menus on restaurant website using Drupal REST API