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The enterprise OpenSource content management system which is available for free at where you can find all the details and also references.

Drupal has a very active community with tens of thousands of developers all around the world and they also have a huge focus on standard compliance and on security.

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The complete power of Drupal is also accessible to all site builders with

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Back in July, we've been so excited about the launch of ECA 1.0.0 after around 3,000 hours of development work in only 12 months, that we didn't even write a blog post at the time. The following weeks, the team was busy dealing with feedback and support, as well as starting to build even more features.

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For an existing Drupal project, a customer requested a new feature for a marketing campaign they were about to launch: in their ERP system, they maintain a huge list of projects with many properties associated with them and a high frequency of data change. Both, existing projects get updated, and new projects get added to the list. Those projects should be promoted on their Drupal site, but of course, there is no point in maintaining that data manually or even twice.


A LakeDrops client runs a campaign where a single block containing a view should only be visible to invited, still anonymous users. This block is embedded in a landing page which remains accessible to all visitors. Due to high traffic, turning off Drupal's page cache isn't an option. So, how could that be done? The problem to solve: once the landing page gets visited the first time, that content will be cached and delivered as is to all subsequent anonymous visitors.

To solve this problem, we've chosen a 3-step-approach:

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ECA stands for "Events - Conditions - Actions" and is a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly rules engine for Drupal 9+. The core