What's known as plugin or addon in other platforms, is what we call a module in the universe. Drupal core itself is a a collection of modules as well and the community has added and maintains tens of thousands of individual modules on top of that.

The ultimate subscription and notification solution for Drupal

Submitted by Jürgen Haas on Mon, 08/03/2020 - 13:41
DANSE and Push Framework

Almost all websites have one requirement in common: getting notified when something specific is happening. Whether that's a new blog post, a new comment, a modified version of a node, an exception in the logs or a deleted user account, either the site admin or website visitors would like to know about some or all of these.

CKEditor Abbreviation

module for adding and editing abbreviations in Wysiwyg CKEditor.

User Hash

The User hash module allows you to create an individual hash for each user. Use it as a light-weight user identification where you do not want to use the login credentials. E.g. as an individual API Key for reading insensitive content.