Digital Signage Framework


There are a lot of dedicated platforms available outside the world, that manage, configure and operate a farm of digital display devices to show any kind of content following defined schedules on those devices. The problem is that more often than not, content for those displays is already available on a website, an intranet or other platform which may be driven by Drupal. But there hasn't been a way to use the same content both on Drupal driven sites and on Digital Signage platforms easily. With custom this has been possible but there hasn't been any generic approach to that challenge.

LakeDropper involved



The is a generic framework to manage content inside such that the content can be used on websites and on Digital Signage platforms in parallel without having to edit and update the content more than once. As a framework, it is independent of any Digital Signage platform. Instead, this module focuses on the content management part and provides a plugin manager which allows other modules to plugin specific Digital Signage platforms into this framework.