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One of the most important tools in software development is a Version Control System (a.k.a. VCS). Git is one of the available VCSs and the one we use at LakeDrops.

An Open Source platform with a set of essential features for a team like LakeDrops: version control system based on Git, project management with issues, milestones and agile boards, fully automated pipelines for testing, building and deploying projects and last but not least an integrated wiki for documentation and a knowledge base.

Short for Graphical User Interface. This is the part of software which is visible on the screen and allows the user to interact with the software and to display content, depending on what the purpose of the software with that GUI happens to be.

See also: CLI

Gulp is a task runner based on Node.js which helps developers to automate all of the recurring tasks like testing, compiling and optimizing images, CSS and JavaScript code.