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is the process of finding and resolving of defects that prevent correct operation of computer software or a system.

The process of initially setting up or later updating a live website. There are lots of components (server configuration, code, database, files, permissions) and steps involved so that such a task can take a while and needs to be executed very carefully to make sure it doesn't break anything. Deployment can be done manually - which is not recommended - or automatically. With it is very easy to also include additional tasks like and pre-processing into the task and the expected result is always going to be the same. Nothing gets missing and it will only always happen, if all conditions (tests, coding standards, etc.) are met.

Short for Domain Name System. It's like an address book for servers on the internet. Each of those servers has an (or many IP addresses) and optionally in addition one or many domain names. For each of those domain names the provides the associated IP addresses so that the browser knows from where to get the content of e.g. a website.

Das OpenSource Content Management System für Unternehmen, das kostenlos unter verfügbar ist, wo Sie alle Details und auch Referenzen finden können;

hat eine sehr aktive Gemeinschaft mit Zehntausenden von Entwicklern auf der ganzen Welt und sie haben auch einen großen Fokus auf die Einhaltung von Standards und auf Sicherheit.

The enterprise OpenSource content management system which is available for free at where you can find all the details and also references.

has a very active community with tens of thousands of developers all around the world and they also have a huge focus on standard compliance and on security.

El sistema de gestión de contenidos OpenSource de la empresa que está disponible de forma gratuita en donde puede encontrar todos los detalles y también referencias;

tiene una comunidad muy activa con decenas de miles de desarrolladores en todo el mundo y también tienen un gran enfoque en el cumplimiento de las normas y en la seguridad.


DrupalConsole is a tool for 8 an later. It's used by developers and administrators to initially setup, develop and maintain Drupal projects.

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Drush is a tool for . It's used by developers and administrators to initially setup, develop and maintain Drupal projects.

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