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Short for Free Open Source Software. Also sometimes known as FLOSS where the additional "L" wants to emphasize the meaning of "Free" in other languages, like in libre, livre or libero. FOSS, FLOSS and Open Source are mostly used for the same or at least similar things, although many people would disagree and only accept one over the others. LakeDrops has no reason to participate in those arguments and wants to focus on the licensing model which has huge relevance for us and in Open Source we're describing what that means.

Freelancers are individuals who provide services to companies/customers without being employed by their clients or any agencies in between. Most freelancers do have their own company simply because that's required to do business in most countries. There are pros and cons for both the freelancer and the customer, we don't go into detail here. However, LakeDroppers are freelancers and they provide services like entrepreneurs. As teams we've developed our workflows and toolsets. We continue to adjust and improve them permanently. For LakeDrops customers this means access to larger teams without the overhead of many different agencies.